History fabrics

The agenda Claudio Bassi represents an excusive excellence from the italian panoramic vue of business men's suits.

Claudio Bassi produces men's suits from worsted 100%, super 130%, super 180's, super 200 and men's shirts from cotton 100% and poplin 100% and pure silk 100% ties, all those having a high and refined quality of fashion exclusively .

From their excellence :

  • Piano Clerico 1582;
  • Tessuti di Sondrio 1800;
  • Fratelli Tallia di Delfino 1903;
  • Fratelli Cerruti 1925;
  • Valentino 1957;

famous producers in quality fabrics from our partnership with important designers, from their work achieving the final product - a jewel, stands on a high level both in Romania as in Europe.