Exclusive Collection Golden 24k

For the most demanding customers in the research of noble elegance, agenda Claudio Bassi, offers you the one most precious men's suit's, by luxurious collection, from precious fabrics, worsted and 24k gold yarns .

Achieving fabrics due to the partnership between two of the one most famous italian brands in international luxury fashion :

  • Fratelli Tallia di Delfino  from 1903, one the most prestigious worsted in Biella area, a region from north  Italy, is specialized in ultra-fine fabrics: super 130's, super 180's, super 200's .
  • Piano Clerico established in 1582, with a tradition for centuries in processing gold, succeeds to turn it in precious 24k gold yarns .

The most exclusive elegance is created from the mixture between precious wool and 24k gold, for the most demanding customers of our Claudio Bassi's brand .